"A desk is a dangerous place from which to watch the world" (John Le Carré)
Presentation: A PLACE NO CARS GO
11/12/12 → 15/12/12

Kurt Cobain inspired by his hippy aunt throbbed with a mistrust of western society’s vision of progress. Kurt mentally and maybe physically committed suicide having spent years trying to dissolve into his interior self. The same year, the young hiker Christopher McCandless runs away from civilization and dies of hunger in the Artic tundra. Nowadays the idea of finding refuge in nature or intimate spaces (even if it is through death) is returning. We can see it in music, films, art and even politics. Some look at it from a critical perspective or pay tribute and others from an anthropological point of view. But clearly the idea of seeking refuge from recent progress or re-exploring the physical, uncharted, uncontrollable and pre-civilised world is latent. One could almost talk of a return to romanticism or a new counter enlightenment. From musicians like Davendra Banhart, to films such as Herzog’s “Grizzly Man”, books like Richard Sennett’s “The Craftsman” and exhibitions like “Making is Thinking” at the Witte de With in Rotterdam. The exhibition, "A Place No Cars Go", aims to explore works by different artists, musicians and film writers who re-visit, in different ways, the idea of going back to basics.

The title of the project “A Place No Cars Go” comes from the song "No Cars Go" by the Canadian band Arcade Fire. A band also known for dedicating their song, "Laika", to Christopher McCandless the young hiker who died in Alaska in 1993 and whose life is depicted in the movie “Into The Wild”.

05/12/12 19:30h Opening (C/ Pou de la Figuera, 16, Barcelona)

07/12/12 19:30h “The Legacy of Cobain”. Open Debate with Marijn Van Kreijand Quim Packard on the figure of Kurt Cobain and his influences in art and music.

11/12/12_15/12/12 19:30h “The Map of a Place No Cars Go” at A*DESK. Presentation of the conceptual framework and references made in the project. Presentation and display at A*DESK can be visited by request thru

18/12/12 20:00h Cinema (C/ Pou de la figuera, 16, Barcelona) Screening of the two films related to the exhibition project (Gerry de Gus Van Sant i Into the Wild de Sean Penn)


Curated by: Quim Packard

David Armengol

Guim Camps

Mimosa Echard

Eva Engelbert

Wytske van Keulen

Marijn van Kreij

Pere Llobera

Mercedes Mangrané

Gerard Ortín


Design: Enric Farrés


Thanks: Paula Esparreguera & Vanessa Pellisa



schedule of exhibition: Tuesday to Friday 11h/19h


Licencia de Creative Commons