"A desk is a dangerous place from which to watch the world" (John Le Carré)
Barcelona Study Programme A*DESK 2012-13
26/11/12 → 20/06/13

"Creation is all about mediators. Without them nothing happens." Gilles Deleuze

A training programme, for both students and professionals, where it is possible to design a pathway that suits your interests.

The Barcelona Study Programme of A*DESK 2012-2013 is structured around three itineraries, that facilitate a panoramic gaze upon contemporary artistic creation, while at the same time focussing attention on some pertinent areas of analysis, given the transformations that are currently taking place.

The programme is directed at art students as much as at professionals who want to broaden their training. In this way each one of the itineraries of the Barcelona Study Programme of A*DESK 2012-2013 unfolds into a series of seminars, laboratory spaces and workshops, where the option of each user designing a route according to their own specific interests or choosing to follow the whole programme is contemplated.

Each one of the three itineraries are subdivided into 6 seminar sessions, to which specialist professionals from different areas of artistic creation are invited; a series of visits to cultural spaces in Barcelona; a series of practical laboratory sessions with different tutors; and 2 workshops led by internationally recognised agents.

3 itineraries with which to traverse the transformations in artistic creation that are currently taking place:

ITINERARY 1: Emergent cultures. Tools for cultural analysis and artistic research.

The symbiosis between artistic and research practices, the opening up of new perspectives, research into processes of artistic mediation, the analysis of processes of cultural emergence and visual culture, ethno-methodologies, documentary investigation, transdisciplinarity and innovative research.

Dates: 26 November 2012 – 31 January 2013.

Includes: 6 seminars; 8 laboratory sessions; 2 workshops.

Consult the itinerary here

ITINERARY 2: Mediation scenarios. Crossovers between processes of creating, curating and education.

Processes of collaboration between agents with different profiles, participatory projects within cultural institutions, cultural negotiation and translation as transformative possibilities, the implications of collaboration in relation to cultural policies, institutional criticism, the production of new cultural hybrids, and education and curating as arenas for experimentation.

Dates: 5 February – 11 April 2013

Includes: 6 seminars; 9 laboratory sessions; 2 workshops.

Consult the itinerary here

ITINERARY 3: Doing, undoing, redoing. Performativity and narration in contemporary art praxis.

Current artistic practice in relation to social constructions and identity, symbolic interactionism, theatricality in contemporary art and the practice of performance, experimenting with the story, audio-visuals and the exhibition as narrative threads.

Dates: 16 April – 20 June 2013.

Includes: 6 seminars; 11 laboratory sessions; 2 workshops.


Led by: Eloy Fernández Porta, writer and essayist; Javier Rodrigo, researcher and art educator, Aida Sánchez de Serdio, art teacher; David Maljkovic, visual artist; Paul O’Neill, curator of exhibitions, artist and writer, amongst others.


Led by: Antoni Abad, Oscar Abril Ascaso , Cristian Añó (Sinapsis), Roger Bernat, Mery Cuesta, Marcelo Expósito, LaFundició, Dora García, Latitudes, Jorge Luís Marzo, María Mur (Consonni), María Ruido, Manuel Segade, Judit Vidiella, Oriol Vilanova, amongst others.

Visits to different spaces: Fundació Antoni Tàpies, with Laurence Rassel; Hangar, with Tere Badia; Nau Estruch, with Oscar Abril Ascaso; Els Àngels, with Pep Agut and Quico Peinado; Projecte SD, with Sílvia Dauder.


Barcelona Study Programme of A*DESK 2012-2013 coordinator: Oriol Fontdevila, art critic and curator.

Laboratory tutorials under the auspices of: Montse Badia, Pilar Bonet, David G. Torres and Antonio Ortega.


The price of each itinerary or the corresponding parts (seminars, laboratory or workshops) oscillates according to the quantity of parts that each person realizes.

The prices vary and adapt to the specific route that you might want to follow:

1 workshop: € 170.

2 workshops: € 310.

3 workshops: € 420.

4 workshops: € 580.

5 workshops: € 660.

6 workshops: € 770.


1 seminar+laboratory: € 510.

2 seminars+laboratories: € 950.

3 seminars+laboratories: € 1400.


1 itinerary (2 workshops and 1 seminar+laboratory): € 780.

2 Itineraries (4 workshops and 2 seminars+laboratories): € 1600.

3 Itineraries (6 workshops and 3 seminars+laboratories) complete programme: € 2000.




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